A Thank You From Edward Snowden

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The world has changed since we were last in touch just a handful of days ago.

A new U.S. president was sworn into office last week. The next day, millions of people took to the streets in dozens of cities around the world to demand justice and equality. The fight for civil liberties is on. We are ready.

Although Edward Snowden did not receive a presidential pardon, the fight is far from over — and we're not going anywhere. The community that formed to protect this whistleblower exceeded all of our expectations in its passionate defense of the right to speak truth to power.

We can't say what the coming years might bring for Ed, or for civil liberties more broadly. But we won't stop fighting for either, and we'll need you with us.

We'll continue to organize under the name "Stand With Snowden." We will be in touch soon with future opportunities for action. In the meanwhile, take the pledge to continue the fight — and please accept our sincerest thanks for all you've done.


A Thank-You From Edward Snowden

I want to thank you, humbly and with a full heart, for your unwavering advocacy and support. More than a million of you came together to say in one voice that the truth matters. My gratitude is beyond expression.

Though the powers of our day may keep me from home for a few more years, your support keeps me company during the fight. With each action, you are authoring a story of how ordinary people, good and gracious, come together in the United States and around the world to change our collective future. There is no honor greater than standing shoulder-to-shoulder with your generous spirit.

It is this same spirit that set free Chelsea Manning, who will finally come home from seven long years in prison for the crime of telling the truth. It will be the force that preserves our civil liberties, not just over the next four years, but for the enduring generations. It is the force that inspires me to never give up, and ask you to commit to the same.

In that unstoppable spirit, I invite you to stand with me one more time to protect the values that represent the real greatness of our age. Make no mistake, my friends: There is injustice in this world, but it will not last forever.

We will make sure of it.

With gratitude,
Edward Snowden

posted January 24, 2017

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