On Human Rights Day, Let There Be Light

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In honor of International Human Rights Day, the campaign to pardon Edward Snowden projected on Saturday night messages of gratitude to the whistleblower onto the face of the Newseum, an institution dedicated to press freedom and freedom of expression.

For 40 minutes, messages from all over the world illuminated a four-story stone panel into which the text of the First Amendment is chiseled. The unauthorized direct action took place just blocks from the White House.

Here are some of the messages that appeared on the face of the Newseum:

These expressions of support for Snowden celebrate his decision to shed light on a surveillance apparatus so invasive and bloated with secrets that it became a risk to democratic accountability.Thanks to his act of conscience, we’ve seen historic reforms and Pulitzer Prize-winning reporting that is a model for the kind of adversarial journalism that we should expect from our media.

Tonight’s action meant to bring to life the First Amendment values inherent in Snowden’s act of conscience.  We sincerely hope that President Obama took notice. Please do your part and ask him to pardon Snowden before he leaves office.

posted December 10, 2016 by Geoffrey King and Noa Yachot

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