Just 100 Days Left for Obama

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There are just 100 days left in the Obama presidency.

That means 100 days for us to convince President Obama that the best way to recognize Edward Snowden’s incredible contributions to the global surveillance debate is not criminal prosecution, but a presidential pardon.

He needs to hear from all of us. If you haven't yet, please send Obama a message asking him to use his power of pardon. Then tell your friends — if you’re on social networks like Twitter and Facebook, tweet and post about it to let the world know.

The debate that Snowden helped to start could not have been more urgent and necessary. Even three years later, top headlines continue to drive that point home: Whether it's Yahoo’s surveillance of its customers at the U.S. government’s behest, or cybersecurity lapses that demonstrate the need to make privacy and encryption top concerns, Snowden's disclosures continue to reverberate.

Looking forward, a pardon helps officials around the world get surveillance policy right. As the New York Times editorial board wrote this weekend, "The Snowden revelations prompted important reforms. Still, the debate over the proper balance between privacy and security remains far from settled."

Looking back over the outgoing government’s record — especially as it starts to take account of its legacy — the case for a pardon gets still clearer. Just last month, a Department of Justice watchdog report showed a decline in certain kinds surveillance in the wake of the Snowden revelations. "The 'Pardon Snowden' Case Just Got Stronger," one headline read in the aftermath of that report.

Against the background of the most dramatic election cycle in memory, it's easy to forget President Obama has some unfinished business to handle in his last 100 days in office.

We’ll continue to make the case that it's in everyone’s best interest to bring Ed home with the dignity and respect befitting his public service. Please, help us keep the drumbeat going on Twitter and Facebook.

posted October 11, 2016 by Parker Higgins

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